Lockdown Learning – home page

What is this all about?

My name is Lizzy and I have been a qualified Primary School Teacher for 10 years and I am also a mum to two young children. I have a passion for learning through play, and have set up Lockdown Learning to help parents who have children aged between 2 and 4 years old.

I am sharing the activities that I am setting up for my 2 and a half year old daughter.

No need to buy lots of new resources, as we use items that you will already have in your home. Below are a range of play-based activities, which are divided into different areas. So if you could do with a bank of ideas, then please read on!

And now let the fun begin….

In the Garden

Using every day objects in your garden to create play spaces.

Art, Music and Role play

Art, music, role play and reciting exciting stories.

Science Activities

Science experiments using observational and problem solving skills.


Reading, writing, a phonics lesson and games

Early Stage Mathematics

Lesson, counting, number recognition and more and less.

Gross Motor Skills

Time to get active inside or outside your home.


Art, music and imaginary play activities.

Fine Motor Skills

Help your child strengthen their little fingers.

Story-based Learning

Cross-curricular learning through well known stories.

Topic-based Learning

A trip to the Farm and Road Transport Activities.

Structuring Your Day

Planning your day whilst being flexible and adaptable.

A Strong Willed Child

Tips for engaging your child with the play-based learning.

Tools and Resources

Resources and websites to help you.

Have suggestions, want to know more or just have a chat?

Drop me a line either at lockdownlearning1@gmail.com or via my Facebook and Instagram pages below