Useful Tools and Resources

Helpful Tools That You Can Buy

Tuff Tray

If you would like to buy something for outside then I would recommend this. A Tuff Tray. It can be used for anything and I mean anything.

We take ours inside and outside and is used for painting, construction, messy, water, sand and small world play.

It is used every day, just pop it on the ground outside and Hey Presto!

You can buy one here

Coloured Foam Mats

I bought these to sit on in our garden but they are also turning out to be a fantastic learning resource.

They promote problem solving and fine motor control when fixing the pieces together. You can make 3d shapes with them, create houses for animals with them, make a road with them.

If your toddler is learning colours at the moment they really help. You can give your child an instruction to stand on a certain colour and then give an instruction for their favourite toy too.

If they have mastered that, you can introduce a third toy and see if they can follow three instructions. “Stand on the yellow mat, put Bunny on the blue one and crocodile on the red one.”

I found ours on ebay here

Helpful Tools That You Can Create

Wow Wall

Create a Wow Wall which is a wall of celebration.

Whatever your child has done, celebrate it by putting it up somewhere so that they can see it and feel proud. Art work, writing, number work, phonics work, photos – whatever it is, put it up! I have created a ‘Wow Heart’ where I write something that my daughter has done which is amazing! It could be ‘Wow for doing fantastic tidying today’, ‘Wow for being kind to my sister’, ‘Wow for trying a new food’.

My daughter’s Wow Wall is on the side of her wardrobe (which is where she chose to put it) and she regularly looks at everything she has done. It’s a fantastic way to build their confidence and self -esteem. Just make sure you don’t give out too many of those hearts or they lose their sense of worth!

Kitchen Door Number Flashcards

Numbers Remember to place at eye level and on a door used throughout the day. I purchased the flashcards from Amazon. There are many available. I recommend those with both numerals and picture cards as above.

‘Post-it’ Note Phonics

Sounds we have been learning, written on Post-it-notes and stuck on the kitchen door.

You could also purchase some phonics flashcards such as these

Links and Resources

Cosmic Yoga

Number Songs up to 20
Number Songs up to 50

Tricky Words Song

Shape Songs

Helpful Sites for Reading

Oxford Owl have fantastic ebooks for free.

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