Small World

Small world play refers to imaginative play with small toys. It encourages children to use their imaginations and create both everyday and fantasy worlds in similar surroundings. It allows children to communicate about the world around them in a safe environment and imitate what they have seen or heard. They might decide to act out going to the park or they might choose to fight a dragon in a fantasy world.


Town Tuff Tray
  1. Create a town out of any resources you have in your home. We used blue material to make a pond, leaves for a park, food and a Sainsbury’s bag for Sainsbury’s and I drew a block of flats and a house on card. You could use mud for a farm or sand for the beach.
  2. Draw a road on a tuff tray, on the ground or on some paper.
  3. Add cars and people and off you go! I also used it as a chance to talk about road safety as this isn’t top priority on my toddler’s list!

Sugared Truck Play

If you don’t have any sand, brown sugar is an excellent alternative!

  1. You will need: trucks, diggers, people, brown sugar, cornflakes, stones and a large storage container.
  2. Place it all in the container and play away!
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