Other Garden Activities


Cereal Boxes Dominoes

It is safe to say we love cereal in our household! I would like to add that some of these boxes are empty, I promise!

  1. Place the cereal boxes in a line so that they will be able to be knocked down but not touching.
  2. Count down from 5 and push the first box down.
  3. Watch as the dominoes effect happens!
  4. Repeat with the boxes in a curve. Great entertainment!

Stone Faces
  1. Choose a ‘Treasure Box’ and pick up any stones and leaves in your garden or at the front of your house.
  2. Discuss that the shape of the face is a circle.
  3. For younger children, draw a circle so your child can place the stones on it. Older children might be able to form the circle with the stones independently.
  4. Then add eyes, nose a mouth and hair using the leaves and stones.

When we finished, we thought the face looked like Grandpa!

Colour Hunt

All you need is anything of different colours – balls, lollipop sticks or straws. If your child is anything like my daughter, they will love to play snap to anything!

  1. Take the colours with you and look for things inside the house and outside in the garden that are the same colour e.g. the leaves are green so hold the green ball next to the green leaf and shout “snap”.
  2. For some reason young children love it when you follow them, so follow them, and be ready to snap the same colours as them! Endless fun!

Dolls, Dolls and more Dolls!

My daughter loves playing with her dolls at the moment. As she has a baby sister, she loves to role play different situations.

  1. Gather the resources you will need: dolls, changing mat, nappies, toys, bath, pushchair and we used a basket for the bed.
  2. Play with your child to show them how to wash the baby and how to change their nappy.

This role play promotes language development and enhances their imagination.

Hanging Trees
  1. After completing the untangling the hangers from the fine motor skills activity take the hangers outside.
  2. Hang the hangers up on the branches of the tree.
  3. Discuss how they should be hung in the middle to get the balance right.

Water Sensory

This is perfect for a warm day and a great way to use a range of vocabulary!

  1. You will need: Baking trays, bowls, water.
  2. Fill the baking trays and bowls with water and let your child explore.
  3. Pour water over their feet from the bowls.
  4. What senses can they use? What does the water feel, look and sound like?
  5. Encourage vocabulary such as: ticklish, wet, slippery, warm, see-through, splash, splosh etc.

Rainbow Rice

This is a lovely sensory activity involving different colours and moving rice between your child’s fingers and containers.

  1. You will need: food colouring, rice, baking trays, a large tray, containers for mixing.
  2. Make the rice the night before. Place some rice in a sandwich bag with a few drops of food colouring a a teaspoon of vinegar. Then shake the bag until all of the rice is covered. The vinegar helps the food colouring to spread.
  3. Let the rice dry out overnight.
  4. Take the rice into the garden, and place the rice in a large tray with containers or spoons for your child to explore!
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